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+001 310-268-2016

About us

Based in Los Angeles, KS Barlevi is a unique enterprise comprising US CPAs and UK Chartered accountants who work together to help clients build their businesses.

With over three decades’ experience of working with clients on both sides of the Atlantic, we provide our clients with the tools and expertise they need to achieve their potential in business, wherever they choose to do so.

We measure ourselves on the strength of the relationship we build with our clients. Our personal approach, combined with our extensive resources, ensures we are able to provide a perspective on doing business that no other firm of our size is capable of matching.

Specializing in the media, entertainment and music industries, and working with individuals and companies alike, we offer a full range of compliance, tax and advisory and consultancy services.

Our custom personal service is backed by unrivalled international expertise; our 20 Los Angeles-based people work closely with our 300-strong London team. We are members of Moore Global Network, one of the the largest international accounting and consulting groups worldwide giving us presence in over 110 countries, incorporating over 30,000 professionals – all of whom share the passion and drive to see our clients achieve their ambitions.