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Announcing Kingston Smith Barlevi Merges with Steven R. Pines

We are pleased to announce the official merger of Kingston Smith Barlevi with Steven R Pines which was finalised on 1st February 2020.

Steven Pines has run a very successful sole practice for over 30 years which specialises in tax and business management services for a wide range of media businesses both in front and behind the camera. He also looks after individuals with interests all over the world. This compliments perfectly with the Kingston Smith Barlevi client base.

“We’ve worked with Moore Kingston Smith and Graham Tyler for a number of years, and when we were looking for a partner, we felt they were an ideal fit,” said Steven Pines. ”I’m excited that my clients will benefit from the greater depth of resources available within the merged firm.”

Kingston Smith Barlevi works predominantly in the entertainment industry, and as part of Moore Kingston Smith, the firm has developed a particular expertise in clients with interests on both  sides of the Atlantic, whether in the UK or Europe generally.

The firm’s Managing Partner Steven Barlevi commented, “I am delighted with the merger and the addition of Steven Pines and his staff. This will enhance the firm’s unique position and offering in the LA market.”

For any questions regarding the merger, please contact Steven Barlevi or Steven Pines.