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Cyber-Attacks on the Rise for Media & Entertainment Companies

Cyber-attacks are on the rise as new vulnerabilities within home and remote working landscapes emerge. According to industry reports, cybercrime could cost the world USD$10.5 Trillion annually by 2025. The most widely used cyber-attack continues to be phishing, as it’s easy to execute and often successful, but ransomware and malware are becoming increasingly utilized and effective.

With many businesses continuing to work remotely and share highly sensitive content from all over the world, experts are urging executives to take their risk management protocols more seriously.

Within the Media and Entertainment industry, it’s of the utmost importance that companies review their data storage security, including encryption, to safeguard their most coveted assets – content.

In addition to protecting against phishing, ransomware and malware, media and entertainment businesses realize a host of additional risks, including insider sabotage, leaked content, email hacking, and unauthorized data access. Exposure to any of these could mean millions of dollars in damages, publicity threats and more.

The good news – is that there are effective strategies at your disposal to increase your company’s data security, including employee training, data classification, backups, encryption and various security technologies and programs.

For additional information about Cyber Security, watch data software and cyber security experts discuss the realities of today’s climate and how you can fortify your current protection measures.