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Cyber Security: De-risking the Use of Cloud Services While Working Remotely

Organisations are moving en-masse to Cloud services such as Microsoft 365 and Google Apps, and this changes each and every organisation’s cyber threat profile. Cyber criminals on the internet are very aware of this tectonic shift and are taking full advantage of poorly configured or inadequately protected services to steal data, abuse resources and extort victims for money.

In this Moore Kingston Smith webinar, Maritz Cloete, Director of CS Risk Management, covered the risks associated with the current cybercrime threat. He takes you on a journey through a selection of the cyber security attacks he has been involved with over the last few months.

He discusses the common technical and organisational weaknesses that made these attacks possible, what the attackers managed to achieve as part of the attack, and the negative impact it made. You will also learn what you can do to improve your defensive posture and reduce the risk that using Cloud services could pose.