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From Megamergers to “Micro” Mergers in Media and Entertainment

In the last seven years, media and entertainment companies have done more than USD$700 billion in industry-shifting M&A deals, however that appears to be changing.

After unprecedented transactions resulting in megamergers like Walt Disney and 20th Century Fox or AT&T Inc. and Time Warner, companies are now looking at small to medium sized deals as a means to offer more to their customers. What’s driving the booms and shifts? The answer isn’t so simple, but what is certain is that content remains key.

With the need for content on a steep rise due to intense competition amongst companies with streaming services, and the pinch of the pandemic on the industry’s ability to rapidly produce new original content, companies are looking to build their content libraries, capabilities, distribution, and value through M&A.

Furthermore, the societal pressures for companies to feature diverse stories and voices will continue to shape the landscape on the types of content and distribution widely sought after.

For small and medium-sized media companies with content and capabilities, this could be an exciting time. Is your company considering a sale or merger? For more information on “What you need to know before a transaction,” watch MooreTV’s video to pick up some helpful ideas and tips.