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January 2021 | A New Year Update From the Partners

Our team at Kingston Smith Barlevi would like to wish all of our clients, new and old, a very happy, safe and prosperous New Year.

As we look back on 2020, we see a year filled with both challenge and resilience. And while these high hurdles created hardship across the globe, we’ve also witnessed the impressive ingenuity and adaptability irrespective of sector that enabled our countries and communities to survive. We are proud to have worked beside our clients and experienced this firsthand, and we are committed to continuing our work to ensure your businesses see success in this new year.

As we look ahead to 2021, we expect the period of uncertainty in the U.S. and across the globe to continue, requiring companies across sectors to stay vigilant with their books and business strategies.

With a new administration in the U.S. and virus rates persisting, we foresee the initial 4-5 months of the year to be more turbulent, however, as rates of vaccination increase, the waters will start to calm and usher in a return to increasing social interaction. The legacy of the pandemic will highlight digital savvy workforces who are better positioned than ever to work remotely with less requirement for old office-based work environments. The financial and management challenges of this will be ongoing and the need for businesses to continue to adapt is paramount. We feel confident our clients will rise to this challenge and seize the opportunities that come with this new normal; and we are ready to assist wherever possible.

The partners of our Firm would also like to thank our dedicated staff for all of their hard work this year, as we know the days were long and the solutions not always clear. We are personally grateful for their tremendous efforts, and we wish everyone a rewarding 2021 filled with much success.

Partners, Graham Tyler and Steven Barlevi