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L.A. Based Firm, Kingston Smith Barlevi, Officially Joins Moore Global Network

We are pleased to announce that Kingston Smith Barlevi is officially an active member of Moore Global, one of the world’s leading accountancy and advisory networks.

Our active membership with the Moore Global network provides our clients access to 30,000 professionals working in more than over 110 countries and strengthens our already expansive international presence that sets our Firm apart from the rest:

  • We have qualified professionals trained on both sides of the Atlantic – Kingston Smith Barlevi is the only firm of its size in California with an exclusive combination of US CPAs and UK Chartered Accountants;
  • We have a diverse team with a direct connection to the UK – Our 20 Los Angeles-based team members, who alone represent eleven nations, work together on a daily basis with over 300 professionals in London.

“We are proud to be a part of a world-class network like Moore Global,” said Graham Tyler, Partner of Kingston Smith Barlevi. “As a contributing network member, we look forward to supporting fellow firms and building deeper international relationships for our clients.”

We invite you, our current and prospective clients, to reach out to us with any questions you may have. We also welcome you to learn more about the Moore Global Network on their website at