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Moore Media 360: A Report to Help You Start Planning for the Year Ahead

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Get the report here.

This issue covers many topics for businesses and media companies alike, including:

  • International Expansion
  • Changing Your Business Model
  • A View of the Ad Industry
  • What is MarTech?
  • Traveling on a National Interest Exemption
  • Business Outlook from the Advertising Producers Association
  • and more!

An introduction to the report, from Graham Tyler

Welcome to the latest edition of our Moore Media 360 newsletter. I am excited as this sees the launch of our new 360 format ā€“ this still includes written content, but we are now able to include video content and audiograms throughout the newsletter. We hope to continue to evolve and grow our newsletter as time goes on!

The pandemic continues to be the overriding backdrop for all media businesses, and with this in mind, I would like to highlight the survey included in this edition, which will be of particular interest to production companies and individuals. Together, Moore Kingston Smith and the Advertising Producers Association have sought to measure how the various lockdowns have impacted businesses in production ā€“ and Iā€™m delighted to say things are looking up! The survey also touches on the new world of hybrid working, which is key for the media industry as a whole.

I hope you all enjoy our new and improved version of Moore Media 360, please do let us know your thoughts!

As always, our Moore member firms are ready to help you with our accounting and business needs ā€“ please contact the team if you have any questions and/or would like to discuss the content of our newsletter.

All the best,
Graham Tyler

Sector Global Leader
Moore Kingston Smith

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