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Wellbeing and Mental Health for Staff are Strategic Business Priorities

Studies show that well-being and productivity are inextricably linked, therefore putting in the effort to ensure you are supporting employees during this time does in fact have positive business outcomes, as well as social ones.

Here are the Top 8 Tips to enhance well-being for your staff:

  1. Understand the preferred method of communication – consider touching base at least once a week to chat and check in.
  2. Support clear boundaries for the working day – support your team to create and implement a structured routine, observe a work-life balance.
  3. Support healthy habits – encourage staff to take lunch breaks and set reminders.
  4. Lead by example – this could be a footer in your emails explaining your flexible work hours so staff feels comfortable to do so as well.
  5. Engage staff in non-work activities – host virtual cuppas, post-work drinks or scavenger hunts.
  6. Use helpful and trusted resources –
  7. Complete a “Wellness Action Plan” – view the full webinar below for details.
  8. Review the Daily Resilience “Working from Home Checklist” –

For more details on the importance of wellbeing in the remote workplace, watch the latest Moore Kingston Smith webinar recording, here.