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Graham Tyler


Graham’s entrepreneurial spirit, born from running his own business for many years, is well suited to his media and entertainment clients who are mostly individuals, such as television producers and directors, and owner-managed businesses. Clients value his unique insight into the daily issues and challenges they face, and continually benefit from his significant experience and in-depth industry knowledge in both the UK and the US. This spans all areas of the media sector, particularly the commercials sector, from production through edit to post, but also includes the wider television and film arenas.

Graham recognises that creative people and businesses in the media and entertainment sector have different financial requirements and regulatory challenges, and advises accordingly. His clients, many of whom have been with the firm from their start-up days, trust him to make decisions in their best interests, and he aims to reduce the financial complexity and administrative burden they are confronted with as their businesses grow.

In 2011, Graham led an initiative to build the firm’s presence in Los Angeles, as this was becoming increasingly important to UK media clients who required support for their business activities in both markets. This show of enterprise has paid off as he now advises clients on both sides of the Atlantic on key business issues such as funding, tax planning, profit retention and overall business strategy. He also spends part of his time each year in both offices.

Graham is a passionate Manchester United fan and enjoys all sport and walking his dog.

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Graham Tyler

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Graham Tyler