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Steven Barlevi


Steven is a CPA with over 30 years of broad experience and is the founder of the current firm, formed in 2002.

He started out professionally with the international firm of Ernst & Young; Steven later went on to become a partner at the Los Angeles based CPA firm of Parks Palmer Turner & Yemenidjian. During his tenure there, he completed a Masters in Taxation at USC. He then joined Epitaph Records in 1995 as their CFO. He also sits on the board of various charities in Los Angeles.

He specializes in the media and entertainment industry, with particular expertise in the fields of music, motion pictures and commercial production. He has served as an expert witness for business litigation matters involving the music, commercial production, post-production editorial and other media-related industries.

Steven brings with him a spirit of directness and boundless energy, leading a team of highly skilled professionals and support staff in servicing client needs. He routinely uses his CFO skills while consulting and advising clients. He brings people together and facilitates deals in a manner that goes well beyond conventional accounting. Steven is an innovative thinker and achieves solutions to problems that may seem difficult or borderline impossible to others.

He has demonstrated technical proficiency and tenacity, alongside strength in communication and leadership. These attributes contribute to his success in encouraging clients to understand their financial challenges and to take charge of their businesses. With his pragmatic approach, he has built a superior track record in achieving client satisfaction.

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Steven Barlevi

+1 (310) 268-2016

Steven Barlevi