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Business Management office

Business Management

Traditionally associated with the entertainment industry, our business management services ensure that every aspect of your daily business and personal financial needs are looked after. As business managers, we assume responsibility for an extensive range of services, ensuring that your time is better spent doing what you do well. Our services include:

  • Cash flow management and budgeting
  • Financial planning and resource allocation
  • Consulting on major asset transactions
  • Estate, trust and gift planning
  • Consulting on insurance and benefits
  • Bill paying, banking, payables and cash receipts; plus file maintenance and record archiving


Advisory services


Our clients range from ambitious start-ups to large independent groups, the majority of which are managed by the people that own them.

We understand the challenges faced by these businesses. Whether they involve lease negotiations, fundraising, budgeting and forecasting, or human resources and contract issues, we are able to call upon our knowledge and diverse experience to tailor well-crafted solutions to suit each business, enabling it to reach its full potential.

Services offered include:

  • Business structuring and company formation
  • Corporation tax compliance and advisory
  • Cross-border staffing – compliance and advice
  • Negotiation and consulting on key talent and executive contracts
  • Ensuring that all aspects of financial administration, inclusive of payroll and record keeping, are properly managed
  • Consulting on insurance and benefits for personnel


Outsourcing services


We have in-depth experience acquired over many years serving as consultants and accountants to companies and individuals in the entertainment and media industries, including music, film, commercial production and post-production.

We provide accounting and business management for musical performances and artist tours, as well as assisting in the management and collection of royalties, profit participations and deferred compensation arrangements.

We also act as key advisors to businesses and individuals in these industries.


Tax services


Almost every business transaction or investment decision is influenced by tax implications. It is therefore essential to have the right tax advisors working with you, both from a corporate and personal perspective.

Our specialists can help you and your business achieve its potential through offering hands-on involvement and practical, commercially driven and risk-assessed advice on corporate and business issues.

We ensure that complex tax compliance issues are dealt with in a timely manner and that the appropriate tax is paid.

We advise you and your family in your personal capacity and, where appropriate, link in with your business interests, as well as advising trusts, trustees and executors and attorneys. Our focus is on supporting you and your tax needs, through providing a quality service – rather than a processing function.

Our tax specialists have in-depth experience of working on cross border transactions, supported by our wide base of overseas tax practitioners within the Moore Global Network.


Human resources

Human Resources

At KSB, we are focused on ensuring that all our clients have access to top quality solutions for all your business needs. With this is mind, we have teamed up with our Moore Global partner firm, Armanino LLP, to make available their HR Outsourcing Solutions to all our clients.

They offer a full range of support including an initial health check to review your current HR procedures and see where and how these can be improved given the current climate.

They have a team of experts on hand to assist further in areas such as payroll errors, retirement plan reporting, status enquiries, employment audits and many more.

Click here to see a full list of HR services offered.

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